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04 October 2016

  We can often help with this and especially if you are in receipt of recognised benefits.  You need to phone us on 07760780759 to discuss the best way we can help.  We can then direct you to the most appropriate vets, which is in your interests.   When this has been decided, you really then need to follow our guidleines below, very carefully, whether you follow them here or on the phone. 
  • You need to send us a NEW email to boltoncats@hotmail.co.uk 
  • Write Neutering with the name/s of the cats and the vets after this in the subject line eg Neutering Molly, Harry and Poppy at Johnson's vets in Bolton
  • Main part of message: just follow the example below, writing in your own details instead of those made up:

 1. Your full name and title -Mr Tom Smith
 2.  Your full address =        1 Main Street
                                               BL2 2HG

 3 Your phone number -       07854532128
   Cat/s details - ie name
                                rough age

 of each cat to be neutered.  Please, see and follow this, as in the example below. 
  • Molly, five months, female
  • Harry, five months, male
  • Poppy, 4, female

  The name and full address of the vets to be used.  eg: 

  12 Peter Street
   BL1 5AB

Our usual system is that we send vouchers to the named vets, though one vets works differently. These help towards the cost of neutering; the one for a male is usually worth £20 and one for a female is usually worth £26.  This comes off the price that any vet charges for neutering.  However, in some cases the price you will be asked to contribute will be lower than this because of links we have with vets.  We will discuss this with you  BEFORE YOU SEND US YOUR EMAIL PLEASE.  When you send the details, they must be complete.  If they aren't, we cannot guarantee to process things.  We want to help but we need you to help us to get things underway by sending us complete details and understanding the situation with the vets and prices and then including details of one you are happy with what your contributuion will be.  


  You must confirm the amount you know you will need to pay to the vets please and confirm who you have spoken to in
  order to arrive at this amount.  This avoids confusion. 

We aim to ensure that the voucher will arrive at a vets about a week after we have received a request, though this can vary and often be longer than this or it may be sooner.  The owner usually needs to then contact the vet themselves, having given time for the voucher to arrive.  When the owner is told that their vouchers have arrived, cats can then be booked in.  One of our main vets does now usually phone owners when they receive vouchers. 

PLEASE just forward your original email to us,with a note saying that you have rung the vets and they say that the vouchers have not arrived and asking us to look into it if there is a long delay. 

  For your interest

Vets' prices vary a lot.  After enquiring at vets yourself, if you find the cost for neutering is still very high, even with the voucher to help, do feel free to contact us, as we may be able to point you in another direction where less of a contribution is needed by you.  You will need a secure, strong carrier for each cat to be neutered so that they can be transported to the vets safely.


We would, with the greatest respect, ask that you remember that we are a charity.  We hope that you will bear this is mind and if you can easily afford to pay for your cat/s to be neutered, perhaps consider people in real need whose cats need neutering too, along with all the poor, innocent souls who have been completely neglected and very often just abandoned, having to fend for themselves, often scavenging for food and with no shelter etc.  A lot of these little ones should never have been born but once they have been, we have a duty of care towards them.  Part of this is to have them neutered along with ensuring they have any basic care needed, poor souls.  This all costs a lot of money of course.

NB  We helped a lot of cats not in our care last year, both with regard to neutering and with more general treatment.  As a result, we overspent A LOT!  We still want to help all the cats we hear about but no group can do this, there are too many poor souls.  Neutering remains a huge priority but we would ask, with total respect, that if you can afford this yourself, you  do sort it yourself,  For those of us who enjoy holidays, running cars, various gadgets in our homes, are in work etc, we are relatively well off and if we care enough about our cats, will make neutering them our responsibility as it is part of the care package that a caring owner will want to cover, should funds permit.   If you do feel your circumstances are such that you are justified in asking us to help, please send us details of benefits that you are on when sending us your request.  We will always help if we can, anyway. 


If you are going to have your cats neutered, this shows that you are a responsible owner who really cares about your cats' welfare and health.  It is never too late.  PLEASE encourage as many other people you come across to do the same.  You will be preventing a lot of suffering and sadness if you do.   

PLEASE CONTACT US BY EMAIL, AS HERE, OR BY PHONE: Our  number is  07760 780 759
This branch is run solely by volunteers and we rely on donations, along with our adoption fee, to enable us to rescue, 'repair' and then nurture the cats and kittens that come into our care until we can find them loving and safe new homes.  We never ask a vet to put a healthy cat to sleep