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We can usually help with neutering yor cat. We are happy to discuss this with you if you phone us but, if you prefer, you can follow what is below so that we can get things underway.

You need to;

  • Send us a NEW email to boltoncats@hotmail.co.uk
  • Write 'Neutering' in the subject line
  • Main part of message: just follow the example below, writing in your own details instead of those made up:
Mr Tom Smith
1 Main Street
Cat/s details;

Molly, five months, female
Harry, five months, male
Poppy, 4, female
Vets to be used: 
12 Peter Street


Our usual system is that we send vouchers to the named vets, though one vet works differently. These help towards the cost of neutering; the one for a male is worth £20 and one for a female is worth £26.  This comes off the price that any vet charges for neutering.  However, in some cases the price you will be asked to contribute will be lower than this because of links we have with vets. 
We aim to ensure that the voucher will arrive at a vets about a week after we have received a request, though this can vary and be longer than this or it may be sooner. The owner usually needs to then contact the vet themselves, having given time for the voucher to arrive. When the owner is told that their vouchers have arrived, cats can then be booked in. One of our main vets does now usually phone owners when they receive vouchers.

PLEASE feel free to contact us again if vouchers appear to be delayed. We can usually put this right quite quickly. 
For your interest
Vets' prices vary a lot. After enquiring at vets yourself, if you find the cost for neutering is still very high, even with the voucher to help, do feel free to contact us, as we may be able to point you in another direction where less of a contribution is needed by you. You will need a secure, strong carrier for each cat to be neutered so that they can be transported to the vets safely.

We would, with the greatest respect, ask that you remember that we are a charity. We hope that you will bear this is mind and if you can easily afford to pay for your cat/s to be neutered, perhaps consider people in real need whose cats need neutering too, along with all the poor, innocent souls who have been completely neglected and very often just abandoned, having to fend for themselves, often scavenging for food and with no shelter etc. A lot of these little ones should never have been born but once they have been, we have a duty of care towards them. Part of this is to have them neutered along with ensuring they have any basic care needed, poor souls. This all costs a lot of money of course.

If you are going to have your cats neutered, this shows that you are a responsible owner who really cares about your cats' welfare and health. PLEASE encourage as many other people you come across to do the same. You will be preventing a lot of suffering and sadness if you do.   
PLEASE CONTACT US BY EMAIL - boltoncats@hotmail.co.uk - OR BY PHONE: Our new number is  07760 780 759
This branch is run solely by volunteers and we rely on donations, along with our adoption fee, to enable us to rescue, 'repair' and then nurture the cats and kittens that come into our care until we can find them loving and safe new homes.

We never ask a vet to put a healthy cat to sleep.