We would absolutely love you to get in touch if you could help us to help more cats by using your car to do any journeys needed, usually involving taking cats to and from vets or somewhere else.  You would not be out of pocket in terms of fuel costs but of course we do not get paid for our time.
We would really welcome you getting in touch for an informal chat if you are even vaguely interested in getting involved. This could be as little or as much as you want, should you decide to give it a try.  If you did and it wasn't something you wanted to continue with, you are in charge and there is absolutely no commitment to continue, we are free agents.  
We would also be delighted to hear from anybody who could help with an occasional fund raising event, with a small one coming up in September.  If you could spare a couple of hours or so, do let us know. This would only be a simple event involving a collecting box and hopefully somewhere warm to greet our supporters.  
If you would like a chat, phone us on 07760 780759 or send us a quick email - boltoncats@outlook.com
The rewards, emotionally, in whatever capacity any of us volunteer, are immeasurable.