We adore cats and we hope that you do too.  As you are reading this, it is highly likely that you do, to a greater or lesser degree.  Though we are now a small group, we are very united and passionate about every aspect of cat welfare and do our very best to help as many cats as possible.  Whilst we can take only a very small number into our direct care at any one time, we can often get involved with those not in our care.  

We try hard to:
  • Rehome responsibly and find not just good homes but homes and other circumstances that suit each cat.  We      hope that this will be for the rest of each cat's life.  It is a huge responsibility to take this on board but as cat lovers, we should all aim to do this and think of all the various implications, including the financial ones and not just be swayed by cute young cats and our emotions. Cats often live into their late teens and beyond - and they deserve a lvong home for all this time too, whatever is happening in our own lives. 
  • Promote neutering of all cats.  Unfortunately, many people still have the old fashioned idea that females should be allowed to have one litter and that males should be left unneutered.  This is not because they are being cruel  intentionally, it is more that they are unaware of the implications.  This happens. We ourselves certainly live and learn every day where many cat related issues are concerned.  What has happened in the past is of no relevance, the fact  that you are reading this shows that you  care a lot about your cats' welfare, which is brilliant.  It is never too late to have them neutered and, if we can, we will help, particularly if you receive recognised benefits. 
    We are always willing and usually able to help with the cost of neutering, whether this is for owned cats or poor souls who have been abandoned
  • Promote responsible ownership in as many ways as possible. Sadly, far too many people adopt animals without knowing or researching all the implications of ownership. This leads to a lot of unnecessary suffering and includes new innocent lives being brought into an already overcrowded cat population.
  • Did you know?
  • Cats Protection is the largest feline welfare charity in the UK
  • Nationwide we rehome around 60,000 cats and kittens every year
  • We have atound 250 branches which are all run by volunteers throughout the UK

We can cover the following postcode areas: BL1, BL2, BL3, BL4 , BL5, BL6, BL7, BL8, BL9, M26, M45. Some areas are not really covered by any branch so do feel free to contact us if you live in one of these to see if we can help. 

Can you help ?

Our branch, as many others, is run by unpaid volunteers some of whom have full-time jobs and give their time when they can.  We are always looking for new volunteers and supporters, particularly drivers and people who would be willing to help with fund raising now and again.   See the “Support Us” Section for more details on how you can help.